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We know what it's like to deal with mechanics and automotive technicians. Our customers trust us to be fair, honest, and dependable on every job.

Vehicle Maintenance & Service

We are a full service auto shop offering expertise that defines us, from the typical that you find in our industry.
Make sure your vehicle is running smoothly all the time with regular maintenance services including oil checks, battery changes, brake checks and inspections....
Looking for a full diagnostic run on all your vehicle computer system, you came to the right place. We use factory diagnostic systems.

Experienced Car Care

Brake Repair
(Brake Replacement, Brake Pads, Discs/Drums)
Transmission Repair
Timing Belt Replacements
Check Engine Light
Oil Change
Filter Change (Oil, Air, Fuel, Cabin)
Car Inspections
Wheel Alignment
Radiator Repair
Air Conditioner Repair
Heating Repair
New Tires, Rotation, Tire Repair
Charging Systems
Motor Mount Repair
Muffler Replacement & Exhaust Repair
Suspension Repair
Power Steering Repair
Lighting, Wiring and Electrical

We use the latest diagnostic equipment specific to the vehicle to communicate to various computer modules. We can diagnose all vehicle electrical equipment by analyzing causes of failure or condition.